Mobilisation: A Peek Behind The Scenes

TeachBeyond South Africa seeks to journey with those who have a heart to serve God cross-culturally. We also hope to raise supporters who would stand behind African missionaries as they serve overseas.

Transformational Education from a Distance

Transformational Education from a Distance

Lesson plans shape how your students learn, and while sliced up differently, the approaches to planning are often similar. For years, a favorite approach of mine was this: Students: Know your learners. Consider previous learning, abilities, disabilities, culture, attitudes, etc. Outcomes: What are you trying to have the learner know (cognitive), feel (affective), and do (psychomotor)? Methods: How […]

The Power of Engaged Support Staff

The training was led by Joe Neff, TeachBeyond’s Director of Education Services. He led the participants through 3 sessions on ‘Shared Purpose’, ‘Shared Power’, and ‘Shared Promise’.