The Power of Engaged Support Staff


After a successful ‘Impacting Lives Together’ training for school support staff in 2020, TeachBeyond South Africa is organising a follow-up session on 24 March, to provide support to the participants and others, like Raymond, as they walk the transformational road.

Raymond, who works as a support staff in a school at Johannesburg, South Africa, was invited to attend the TeachBeyond training during the last term of the year. He had always been insecure in his approach with learners in the class, but his approach to them has softened since attending the training. This has helped change his life and given him new perspective.

Raymond also attended a recent Open Schools Worldwide volunteer training and qualified as an Open Schools tutor. Raymond now plans to spend his weekends, impacting the lives of children in his own community with the Open Schools programme.

The training was led by Joe Neff, TeachBeyond’s Director of Education Services. He led the participants through 3 sessions on ‘Shared Purpose’, ‘Shared Power’, and ‘Shared Promise’. The teachers and staff were especially blown away by the session on ‘Shared Power’.

“It brought new insight on how to love and the fact that we should love, because God first loved us, and that we should love the children who are the most unlovable even more. The illustration of love as a stream of water showed me how powerful love truly is. This brought revival to my life and it made me revisit my calling,” said one of the participants in their feedback.

Another participant said, “It (the training) helped me realize how I should respond to the children. It taught me that no matter what I’m going through, Christ should manifest in me and in my work.”

“I was reminded again of how important each person at a school is. We are all like the body parts of Christ, each part crucial to the perfect functioning of a school and the happiness of the children,” said a participant on understanding their value as a support staff.

“We thank God for this training and hope that it will help us all to shine for Jesus in whatever we are called to do. We look forward to engaging with the support staff during 2021 and empowering them with a deeper understanding of the crucial role they play in our schools,” said Angie Pape, Director of TeachBeyond South Africa. “A school’s security guard who had attended the training stopped me when I visited the school afterwards. In his broken English he said, ‘Ma’am, I loved the training… I do my job different.’”