Mobilisation: A Peek Behind The Scenes

TeachBeyond South Africa seeks to journey with those who have a heart to serve God cross-culturally. We also hope to raise supporters who would stand behind African missionaries as they serve overseas.

Ursula with her husband Bas
Ursula with her husband Bas

“We were even ready, at one point, to sell the house, give the dog away, and leave, but for some reason, the openings never materialised. We probably can’t go anymore, but I can help others to go to the mission field,” said Ursula Norel, a retired teacher who serves as Mobilisation Director at TeachBeyond South Africa.

“Teachers are not just teachers, but missionaries. Through everything that they do, they are reaching out, presenting and representing the gospel. I would love to place Christian teachers at schools around the world, but particularly in other parts of Africa,” shares Ursula on her vision for Africa.

TeachBeyond South Africa places teachers in schools across the globe, however, they also have a few positions in Africa. One such position is ‘Sign for Life’, a 5-6 week program with Deaf Friendly, a TeachBeyond partner organisation that works among the Deaf in South Africa. The volunteers who sign up for this program will learn Sign Language and travel extensively around South Africa to serve the Deaf.

The Hope of Africa, an organisation that works among youth in East and South Africa, in partnership with Open Schools Worldwide, is also offering a gap-year program in 2021 to help train young people for the mission field. Open Schools Worldwide is a TeachBeyond project that serves marginalised children across Africa.

However, mobilising in Africa has been anything but easy. With a high rate of unemployment in Africa, most of the applicants who apply are desperately looking for opportunities to be successful. They want a well-paying job overseas. “Many opportunities haven’t materialised, because this is really about being led by God and about hearing His calling,” said Ursula.

There are, however, many who do get this vision and calling, but are still unable to go. “I think many of them would be able to go if funds were available, but Coronavirus ‘het ons in die wiele gery (‘has driven into our wheels’ in Afrikaans). With the economic condition being tighter than normal, I think there is less possibility of them being sponsored by their home churches in Africa. African missionaries need people who would be willing to come behind them and support them financially, as they answer God’s call to go into the world,” notes Ursula.

“Ursula has a heart for people and often ends up counselling them, since that’s her background,” says Angie, Director of TeachBeyond South Africa. “So many people just need that voice, because they have been let down in so many ways. Employment has let them down, poverty has let them down, even Africa has let them down. And maybe God sends them to her just for this. She prays with them, keeps in touch with them, and has been a blessing. After all, she is fulfilling her desire to be a missionary here in this role,” she said.

Get in touch with TeachBeyond South Africa at info@teachbeyond.co.za, if you feel God urging you to serve on the mission field in either a long or short-term capacity. TeachBeyond South Africa is also looking for someone to handle Marketing & Fundraising and Project Coordination.

A missionary from Africa needs between 30,000 – 60,000 South African rand ($2,000 – $4,000) a month to meet some of their basic needs on the mission field. You can help by supporting them with a one-time or regular financial contribution at Give – TeachBeyond South Africa.

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